Patio adventure in Russia

Our technical support team ensures that our products are correctly installed and serviced around the world. Georges Fransen, manager project support, worked in Russia for a large scale Patio project. After five years this adventure ended in May. Georges tells his story.

Where have you been in Russia for almost five years?
“We started in November 2012 at Miratorg in Bryansk, Russia's largest meat producer, to install 42 houses with the Patio system. The project comprised 7 sites with each 6 houses. I believe we did a good job, on average we installed one house each month.  Every house accomodates 196,000 broilers, so the project in total involves 42 x 196,000 = 8,232,000 broilers places! “

How did you experience such a an intensive project?
“We worked together with the customer in good times and bad times. We lost a lot of time due to all kinds of reasons. Especially during the winter we had weeks of below   -25 degrees which caused many delays in logistics. We also had a serious setback we had due to the bird influenza. This forced our customer to close the site for all other people besides the broiler crew. Of course it is understandable when there are 8 million birds at risk."

How did the cooperation with the Russian colleagues work?
 "The local staff who assisted in managing the installation did an equal job to how we would have done it with our own people. Hard working, very enjoyable colleagues, who made working here for me easy and pleasant. And of course I got a lot of help form the home team who supported us in a very professional way. They took care of the administration and arranged the transports which were more than 1,100 trucks! It was a nice project and a great experience. With a heavy heart I will say goodbye to my Russian colleagues and want to thank the team very much for the help! "