Always learning from customers

For a poultry specialist it is essential to keep updated about the market situation, new developments and technologies, but also to keep close contact with our customers. They are the true experts, often working with our products on a daily base for many years. We can learn a lot from them. How do they manage the birds in the system? How can the system be optimized? Customers can provide us with some very specific and practical information, which you learn while your work with them.

So no trouble shooting or flock start up this time. An experienced Veranda customer in the Netherlands starts his new flock. Coming year I’m following up this flock as a trainee. Every few weeks I’m at his farm, to see every important management step during the cycle. Preparing the house for the startup, placing birds, first eggs, spiking (male management, very important aspect for me ;-)), peak production, keep good results after peak production and feed and water management. Every visit we discuss one item and check the status of the birds in the house during daily work. This information is not new for me, but discussing management with an experienced customer, gives some surprising new insights.

Achieving good results, depends on many factors, of course the quality of the birds, feed and water, but especially the people make the difference. Every customer has the intention to make money by achieving good results. Why is it that a customer gains better results than others, why are some customers improving their results year by year? I think this is what we call “craftmanship”.
An interesting aspect when you frequently visit a customer, you can discover this “craftsmanship”. As Vencomatic Group it is the challenge to develop poultry systems that allow farmers all over the world have to gain good results with “easy” management.

Obtaining and sharing knowledge is the way to improve, ourselves, our systems and our results. To create a system which is available and manageable for poultry farmers worldwide! 

Susanne Vonk - Manager Poultry Specialists