Exporting animal welfare

Last month I was visiting South Korea and I was highly impressed. South Korea has developed its infrastructure at such a high rate of speed that it will not be long before it will be ahead of the European Standard. The quality of the highways, the high-efficiency of public transportation, drinking water purity and safety, and the cleanliness of the cities, are immaculate and exemplary!

Another example of their forward-thinking infrastructure can be found within the poultry industry. The South Korean government is discussing a ban on battery cages starting in 2025, meaning that about 98% of the laying hen houses will have to be converted to free range systems over the next several years. As in every major transformation, there are first-adopters of new technologies and I was lucky enough to meet one of them; a Vencomatic Group customer located in the central of the country. This man owns a laying hen farm equipped with an aviary system, as well as a manure drying solution, and the latest technology in egg quality monitoring equipment etc. The site was beautiful and the level of management was excellent.

Animal welfare is absolutely no longer limited to Western societies anymore. The opening of the first overseas Rondeel laying hen house in China last year is another great example of this. I am happy to report that the first adopters of free range systems in Asia are doing great; this offers great hope for the future.

Lotte van de Ven - Manager Marketing, Knowledge & Product Management