Proud of the Dutch Poultry sector

As a daughter of a broiler farmer I grew up in a poultry family. So poultry has always been an integral part of my life. During my study, my interest in the business of poultry grew even more when I began studying Business Administration & Agribusiness at HAS University of Applied Sciences. Over the years I learned that The Netherlands is the innovative world-leader regarding sustainable production and animal welfare.

I am already in my last year of school and I am in my internship at the Vencomatic Group. My role with Vencomatic is to create meaningful connections and educational opportunities between the HAS University and poultry industry companies. That means I am involved in organizing several events that represent HAS University, Vencomatic Group, and the poultry sector in general. I educate students and professors on new equipment developments and innovations.

At the start of my internship I had a warm welcome at the Venco Campus. An inspiring building with a lot of space, light and professional workplaces. The work atmosphere here is relaxed, informal and the cooperation between colleagues is good what makes me feel comfortable. Yes, I learn about poultry innovations first-hand here, but what I find to be the most inspiring are the “people”:  My colleagues, the farmers, the industry leaders. They all have a passion for poultry and are proud of their companies and their work.

The Netherlands leads the way in poultry innovations, and Vencomatic Group is a large and important contributor. So, I tackle the challenge of connecting as many people as possible to our Dutch solutions with purpose and enthusiasm. Since the students of today are the leaders of tomorrow, it’s essential that we all co-operate and share knowledge… and really think ahead with poultry people!

Suzanne Wolfs – Intern Vencomatic Group