Home of poultry innovation

At the Venco Campus our aim is to create a place that is comfortable and open, where colleagues and visitors feel at home; therefore, we believe all building facilities (climate, lighting, workspaces, etc.) should contribute to this experience. As Facility Manager, it is my ambition to ensure everyone views the Campus as a great place to work. 

The Venco Campus is built according to "Slimbouwen®" which is a proprietary construction process that fosters sustainability. Innovation, flexibility, and transparency are at the heart of this building. A sustainable approach with regard to the environment, humans, and animals, serve as the basis for the design, construction, and use of the building, making the Venco Campus one of the most sustainable industrial buildings in Europe. 

As with all new technologies, maintenance isn’t always easy. Cleaning the 8,500 m² of windows takes a crew of four people approximately five days; cleaning all 5,712 solar panels with a robot and an operator takes about 40 hours, and our special botanical wall features over 7,000 plants that need maintenance every four weeks.

My current challenge is to learn about all the new products, understand their expected life spans, as well as the maintenance they will require. The installers are also learning, and I’m pleased that they see the Venco Campus as a challenge. Their considerable expectations of these high-quality materials have led to them using the Venco Campus as a pilot project, citing this building in discussions with possible new clients. There is always interaction between installers and the Venco Campus, a win-win situation.

I sincerely hope colleagues and guests experience the Venco Campus as it was intended: an exceptional and yet comfortable space to visit or work.

Roel Dirkx, Facility Manager