Frontrunners in the poultry industry

It has been two years since I started working in the field of designing products for the poultry industry; I've visited many farms, industry-related companies, fairs and congresses. Each visit provides me with new insights and ideas that help me develop a greater understanding of the industry as a whole. At the beginning, I was worried that the poultry industry itself wouldn’t be diverse enough to keep me interested in the long run, because I am a rather curious person who sees opportunity around every corner regardless of the industry I’m working on.

Luckily my role with the Vencomatic Group keeps me interested and motivated to meet industry challenges on a daily basis. I am a product designer on the 'Raft team', where we focus on designing solutions for situations where there might not even be a problem (yet). I have the privilege to work on mechanical, software and electrical designs. The people with whom we work are skilful and have a vast amount of knowledge upon which I can draw. In searching for partners to help bring our new innovations to realisation, we had difficulty in finding the required knowledge and I realised our innovations often hold a whole new area of expertise altogether. This realisation made me appreciate our group’s work even more; if we don't put this much effort in building a more robust and sustainable sector, than who is?

During a recent conference, there was a presentation which gave several examples on “how product should be developed”; one of the examples given was the Q-Perch. The multidisciplinary team behind the Q-Perch is continually researching the effects, improving the design, ease of use, etc. to make sure the system is future-proof. Knowing I work together with these colleagues gives me confidence that the products we design will make a true difference within the industry. I know we are not the only ones creating solutions, however we are the frontrunners in our field.
Hopefully our designs will find their way to your poultry facility!

Dick van de Ven, product designer