Opportunities to grow

I am always full of pride when I talk about my work with family and friends at parties; proud of how we apply our considerable knowledge of the poultry industry in order to constantly create new and innovative products, and proud of how we at Vencomatic Group encourage and assist our employees with their personal development.

As a family-based company, we believe in our employees and try to give them opportunities to learn and grow – in this we are innovative, too. Sometimes employees doubt whether they will enjoy or succeed in a new or completely different role. We offer them the opportunity to ‘try out’ the new position and create their training program and evaluation process along the way. Fortunately, those doubts usually turn into success stories.

Focusing on employee development and, therefore, the organization in a larger sense, is very important to me and here is my passion. I firmly believe that using qualities, teamwork and self-management influences the happiness of employees By better knowing yourself and each other, you discover your abilities and you do what you are good at. By making agreements with your colleagues about what you want to achieve and how you approach it, you become efficient and effective. In addition to all this you get the space and freedom to do it independently, in my opinion this is one more condition of being happy.

By encouraging teamwork within the company, good initiatives to support social charities occur every time. Many of us already made a lot of fundraising kilometers and delivered unique sporting performances. It is wonderful to see how our collaboration and brainstorming with colleagues allow us to collect substantial amounts of money. The Vencomatic Group is a great company, full of interesting and diversely talented people who take their work seriously, but also enjoy having fun.

Wilma Lukassen – Human Resources Manager