Research and Development a company-wide process

As the son of a farmer, I had to deal with all the issues that occur on a farm. Gradually I became more interested in the technical side, and as a result I chose mechanical study. After my studies I started at Vencomatic Group and have been working in the Research & Development department for more than 25 years now. 

Vencomatic Group grows quickly, and this means that our team is key to the R&D processes. When you work with many people, you need to be sure that everybody gets the right information at the right time. It is very important that people become familiar with new products, or even better, are involved from the start of a new development. Product development is not just a “party” for R&D, it’s a company-wide process, therefore we work in multidisciplinary teams and the development process is divided into phases.

When we start a new development, we make a complete product plan. This plan is based on experiences in the field. We listen to our customers, dealers, sales department etc. When there is a formal “Go Ahead” for a new development project, a team is formed, which includes members of all departments. Each department looks at new products with different eyes, and each has expertise in their field. We could come up with a good technical idea, but our poultry specialists immediately look at what it means for the behaviour of the birds. There is a lot of knowledge here and learning from each other we gain new insights and ideas. 
A new development goes through different phases. After each phase there is a presentation of the results, and a formal “Go Ahead” or “No Go” is given before the development passes to the next phase. The total process is six stages, and after the last stage a product is fully released. 

Every new development is another challenge for me, I learn a lot working in these teams. Together we create high quality products for the poultry industry. My colleagues inspire me every time we work on these projects – even 25 years later!

Ronald Kuijken – Manager R&D