Feel completely at home

Vencomatic Group, never heard of it and when I saw all those chickens, I quit quickly. A year ago I was looking for an internship and participated in the "Meet & Match" event organized by Avans Hogeschool in den Bosch. We were allowed to choose 5 companies. When I heard that I was assigned to the Meet & Match at Vencomatic Group, I thought I would probably not work there. During the Meet & Match I had 5 conversations, including 4 with my preferred companies and Vencomatic Group. And my feelings quickly changed - Vencomatic Group was the only one who gave extensive feedback on my CV and letter, which really helped me. The colleagues from the Vencomatic Group were very enthusiastic about their company and knew how to communicate that to me and this conversation became without a doubt the nicest one of the day.

After that I was invited for a second interview at the Venco Campus. Upon arrival I was warmly welcomed and the conversations confirmed my thoughts, I want to do an internship here. Just the fact that we were not facing each other but side by side with a cup of coffee, where we just chatted for an hour. After the conversations, I was so excited and hoped that my application had been successful!

I really enjoyed the contact between the interviews and afterwards there was a lot of telephone contact, I could call at any time with questions. I remember that this gave me a very familiar feeling and that I was taken seriously. I immediately noticed this when I started working, where I was considered a full colleague from the very first moment.

I want to make the point that a good atmosphere and way of working can motivate people. My opinion changed from "I don't want anything to do with that" to wanting to work there so badly! The appreciation, freedom and commitment of colleagues in the company is really special and I feel completely at home.

Lilian Louwers – Intern