Things that are good rarely become great

"Good is the enemy of great" (Jim Collins 2001). And that is the biggest reason why we often settle for lower quality. We have a lot of things that are good and things that are good rarely become great. And we, as Vencomatic Group, want to go there!

For me, quality means that the customer receives what meets his expectations and actually exceeds those expectations. Within Vencomatic Group, quality assurance is the key to lasting better results. In practice, that means continuous challenge and improvement. To achieve this, we monitor various phases within a production process; quality audits at our suppliers, entry control when products are delivered to Vencomatic Group and follow-up at the customer if systems are installed on location. By monitoring all phases, we can easily adjust if necessary and we can provide added value for our customers.

On the Venco Campus I can often be found in a special test room. There we developed various tools to test our products in a real-world situation. Making assessments and follow-up choices is easy and fast and little is done on feelings and emotions.

I work very closely with research & development and purchasing departments. Together we work on a stable product for the right price. The nice thing about my job is that I come into contact with many people and the challenge is to maintain this contact well and to jointly strive for the highest goal; a happy customer!

Dirk Jansen – Quality Officer